Infrastructure: no more black outs, it’s all about proactivity!
Open your eyes, infrastructure has become the “physiological” layer for communication (data in motion) and computing (data at rest). It provides services that are so intrinsic that any type of disruption (technical or security related) can cause serious implications for businesses. We will demonstrate how to improve both resiliency by design, and with our partner P1 Security, security by proactive measures.
Monitoring: it’s time to turn on the lights!What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. A contextual understanding on how to monitor and protect devices constitutes the heart of a relevant and continuous security monitoring. It’s more than a simple concept, together with our partners, Guidance, iTrust France and our new Security Operation Center, we will present how to face the challenge of full visibility and the prevention of advanced cyber threats. No theory, just real testimonials!

Data privacy and cyber-insurance: is your harbor safe?Information is at the core of our borderless digital society and a key asset of modern extended enterprises. In fact, companies usually believe “My company is fully protected and we trust our security technologies” or “I know where my information is being stored and the exchanges are fully controlled”. These are facts or beliefs that we do not question, because we think they are accurate…but are they? Our partner, CybelAngel and a real customer will share their experiences to disrupt our beliefs on this issue. You are never 100% secure, it doesn’t exist, AIG will introduce new ways to mitigate risks through cyber and privacy insurance.

The trusted business partner: it’s not too late, it’s time to act!Let’s face it, there will always be security threats to your business. You are not alone, we are in it together. POST-EBRC advisory and professional services will assist and advise you on managing your operational risks, information security and business continuity. Our security experts will, in one word, handle the “heavy lifting” to ensure that your business, network and sensitive information have end to end protection with the right solution.